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Softwar for smart attendance system

           A system which introduces an attendance maintenance system, which integrates computer vision and face recognition algorithms into the process of attendance manager. The system is implemented using a nonintrusive digital camera installed on a selective place, which scans the area, detects and extracts all faces from the acquired images. After faces have been extracted, they are compared with a multimedia database of object images and upon successful recognition an attendance list is generated and saved on a database. Edge detection is carried out on this picture.
From this detected edge, is separated with respect to which other features are identified.
These extracted features are stored in a database in the form of an array, each array corresponding to a particular image in the database. The feature array of the test image obtained is compared with those in the array database, for creating and mai ntaining database for records of individuals and feature array, which are used for the purpose of comparison and decision making. A key factor of improving the quality of traditional attendance system is having people attend work area regularly.
Tradition ally people are stimulated to attend work place using attendance points which at the end of annul constitute a part of a person’s final grade. However, traditionally this presents additional effort from the respective person, who must make sure to correctl y mark people, which at the same time wastes a considerable amount of time from the daily routine. Furthermore it can get much more complicated if one has to deal with large groups of people.